Good practice disclosures on board diversity in Singapore

MAS issued the 2018 revision of the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance (Code) on 6 August 2018. The Code has increased focus on board diversity, board independence and board renewal.

In relation to board diversity, the Code requires companies to set and disclose, in their annual reports:

  1. the board diversity policy;
  2. objectives; and
  3. progress in achieving their objectives.

DAC has compiled some examples of how leading companies in Singapore make disclosures in their annual reports. Companies could use these disclosures as references when considering how they could meet the requirements of the revised Code.

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PwC has also issued a guide to help companies take the necessary steps to comply with the requirements. Below are some of the minimum considerations which companies could consider when planning to develop its board diversity policy, objectives, and monitoring mechanisms to meet the requirements of the Code and Guidance on board diversity.

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